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History of Townsend's Palmfish

I would first like to tell you a little bit about myself and how the idea of palmfish came about.

Well the fish idea is something that came about I think because of my interest in the environment, the fish are made from palm frond's and paper mache' which is all recycled products doing are part in helping the environment and making people conscience of it.

Growing up by the ocean which was huge and the nature of all that's around you is all inspiring.

It also helped that I love art as well, which makes you look at everything in new light ,and is great for new discoveries .

Also if you could pick something that really was a big inspiration that would be art, and artists that stretched the bounderys using dimensional objects, illusions, and color to enhance art form, and have some humor blended in .

Artists like Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Dali, Disney to name a few.

I receive a art scholarship at Oak Crest Jr. High

I studied art at San Dieguito High school

I majored in art in at Palomar College.

And to proceeded to sell paintings in local galleries until I found this palmfish idea.

While growing flowers and plants let me to see possibilities of palm fronds used in a art form because of the strength and the aesthetic beauty ,and they could be preserved by painting them.

I started back in 1993 and I have some fish that I did ,look good as the day I started, as my customers tell me.

Oh yes having a friend with a backyard full of palm fronds was pretty important too.

Right now they are all around the world in homes and in business's .

The fish were stage props in two TV series both were filmed here in San Diego.

"Pensacola Wing of Gold " was one and the other was called "High Tides"

Also the fish are in many fine restaurants like;

"The Cabana" in :Laguna Beach

"The Coyote Grill " in Laguna Beach

" Fins the Restaurant " in San Diego

"The Beach House " in San Diego

"Cass St Bar and Grill" in Pacific Beach and many more .

.They were also at the fair in 2002 and the landscaping show won five awards.

In 2003 my fish were at the entrance of the San Diego County fair .

That year the theme was called " Commotion by the Ocean ".

Also you could have seen them at Seaworld in2004 to 2008 we had a little fish garden their .

Other shows I also include are;

Philadelphia worlds largest indoor plant and flower show 2004

Another show I was in was the San Diego G.P.S convention with the San Diego Wild Animal Park which helped sponsored it

The really talented award winning landscape artist Jeff Moore is credited for doing these shows.

The idea of the fish garden started in full bloom, you can see his work at Quails Garden Botanical Gardens.

Yet my fish aren't meant to be for outdoors, they are for indoor only ,so if you have any idea's .

You can see his shop in Solona beach it's called want else but but Solona Succulents, check it out.

People of interest that own these are

Tony Hawk, world famous skateboarder

Paul Ecke, world famous flower grower or Poinsettia king

People working at the Smithsonian Institute have bought many a fish.

My hopes are, to be constantly changing finding more exciting fish.

If you have a idea let me know ,I'm all ear's.

Perhaps one day I will have the perfect fish and to put a smile on everyone's face!

Thanks so much .

Dan Townsend



Thanks Dan Townsend

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