Townsend's Fabulous Palmfish                                                      









These are old fish photos if you want a custom fish these photos my help  decide. 

Call to order  fish if sold or chance there is one that is similar.

Will do custom ones any color you like .


 or email

 Prices are constantly changing so ask .760-753-7776


Randy the Ruff fish 30.00

Henry the Humback Whale 150.00

Gary the Grouper 45.00

New Jelly fish 30.00

Darcy the Dodo bird 175.00

Simon the Flat fish 80.00

Harry the Hatchet fish 30.00

Amos the Grouper 350.00

Derek Leafy seadragon 50.00

Vana the viper 100.00

Pete the puffer 80.00

Lucy the Lion fish 60.00

Bart the Barracuda 180.00

Sweet lips the puffer 60.00

Fantasy shell 160.00

Berry the Bone fish 50.00

Sampson the Sailfish 200.00

Bernie the Bone fish 60.00

Sidney the Angel fish 100.00

Merlin the Sea Serpen 500.00

Doris the Dorado 100.00

Gini the Girly fish 30.00

Oscar the Oar fish



Sally the Seahorse 30.00

Jenny the Jewel fish 150.00

Tina the Trumpet fish 50.00

Gilbert the gulper 120.00

Donald the Dragon fish 120.00

Hank the Hammerhead 120.00

Shawn the shark 50.00

Shelly the Angel fish 54.00

Cindy the mini grouper 25.00

Hootie the blow fish 120.00

Hazard the mini Hatchet fish 20.00

Felix the Flat fish 80.00

Pedro the Puffer 60.00

Art the Angler 80.00

Anny the Grouper 120.00

Barbie the Barricuda 150.00

Pancho the Puffer 60.00

Ollie the Octopus 100.00

Cigman the Hatchet fish 30.00

Cecil the Hatchet fish 30.00

Martin the Marlin 120.00

Lance the Angel fish 120.00

Angelo the Angel fish 80.00

Elloy the Octopus 120.00

Molly the Moorish Idol fish 50.00

Tifonie the Girly fish $30.00

Anna the Angel fish $120.00 with shadow box

Simon the Seahorse $60.00

Herman the Hatchet $100.00 with box

Light them up and you have a real museum fun look.

Sid the Shark $50.00

Shawn the Shark $75.00

Shelby the Shark $55.00

Double trouble seahorses 120.00

Gus the Angel fish $70.00

Monster Bone fish

Last updated: 07/23/14.