My Story

People ask me what kind of artist I am I guess I would describe me as  a renaissance artist. It gives me great pleasure to create a piece  of art that is made differently than anything in this world a new awaking.My concepts are finding natural material in nature and adding my touch to it.

Using palm frond  and other natural material with hand made paper to create a mind boggling,  eye popping art you don't forget.



My Background

How I came to become this artist that I am, my back ground is that of a  third generation flower grower in my family.

But I always had a talent for art since first grade. I had a best friend that would be my inspiration to draw and a teacher that

would promote it.,It started very young.


My Medium

I like using  a variety of mediums, what I use is a medium that is a local product which makes it a unique art form. Made from palm fronds which are basically just leaves on palm tree.I also use paper that I make. I like using natural  materials  because it   makes it easier to have materials available and also its inexpensive  .I also like to make some art work with other types of  natural materials anything that works. Sometime you find a new exciting art form, that is what keeps me motivated  and inspired to create.